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Think you can ignite Lincoln? Apply to be a speaker!

Ignite Lincoln 11 is looking for speakers that can get the audience excited about whatever topic they're passionate about.

How to Apply

Create a video to introduce yourself and explain your talk (webcam or smartphone quality is fine) and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Then send us the link along with the name of your presentation, a brief synopsis and a short bio.

All speaker presentations will follow this format:

1. 5 minutes to speak
2. 20 slides to support your topic
3. Slides will auto-advance every 15 seconds

Applicants will receive notification via email.

Ignite Presentation Dos and Don'ts:

- DO enlighten us with cool ideas.
- Don't pitch or advertise your business.
- DO feel free to tell great stories.
- Don't ramble just to hear yourself talk.
- DO be gutsy.

Ideas for compelling talks (to get the juices flowing):

- Tell us about an interesting hobby or obsession.
- Talk about a community concept like living healthier or helping out strangers.
- Share your art—or someone else's.
- Teach us about your favorite music or movie genre.
- Talk about something unique to Lincoln—your favorite spot or local culture.
- Give us a story with a happy ending or an experience where you learned something.
- Share a moment you'll never forget.

Pertinent Dates

6/1    Speaker Applications Due
6/1    Nonprofit Nominations Due
6/18     Nonprofit Finalists Announced
6/18    Speakers Announced
8/15    Ignite Lincoln 11 Arrives!