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Ignite Lincoln 4

Pat Leach—What’s Black & White & Red All Over?

Uie Ross—No Coast Derby Girls

Kelli Britten—Become a Networking Ninja

Deana Ward—Chaos Takes More Energy

Justin McDowell—Creating an Heirloom Culture

Jonathan Gardner—IP IP, Hooray

Heather Sticka—The Confessions I Was Forced to Make

Brad White—Google Can’t Help You Raise 14 Kids

Phil Burcher—Skateboarding & The Community

Aaron Holmberg—Home Brewing

Chante Earthwell—Get Unwasted

Tim Burke—On the Road

Luann Finke—The Landscape of Inspiring Stress

Wendy Bantam—Public Art: Bonding the City of Lincoln

Carrie Honz—Raptor Recovery

Kevin Shinn—How to Eat Better


Ignite Lincoln 3

Steve Ramos—Pinball: A Game of Skill

Shane and Sunny Dwyer—Great Pictures with Any Camera

Jane Garrity—The Startup Visa: Helping the World’s Entrepreneurs Create American Jobs

Calvin Pappas—Silicon Valley to the Silicon Prairie

Julie Beno—The Secret Life of Librarians

Steve Maly—Get Real

Jordan Pascale—The Evolution of Reporting

Shauna Groenewold—And They Lived Happily Ever After

Tanner O’Dell—Attraction of Awkwardness

Shane Farritor—Becoming More Creative

Brenda Ealey—Intellectual Freedom

Hope Edwards—Serve to Lead

Collin Caneva—Turning a Headwind into a Tailwind

Brent Wilson—A Foster Family’s Tale

John Coffey—Nebraska Sucks!


Ignite Lincoln 2

Andrew Norman—Hear Nebraska

Jason Brummels—Cycling Culture

Aaron Holmberg—Designing & Building

Kim Coleman—A Better Place

Matthew Wegener—Turbine Flats

Erin Frank—Block Party Mania!

Aaron Alai—Nothing To Hide: Privacy, Trust & Technology

Betsy Branscombe—Eatin’ Drinkin’ and Dinkin’ in Lincoln

Tyler Richard—Tell a Story. Change the World.

Clover Frederick—A World Without Nonprofits

Mark Zmarzly—Big Thinking in Lincoln

Aaron Franco—Storytelling Via Video Blog

Marian Langan—Splendor in the Tallgrass

Lucinda Faunce—Science RE-connect

Zach Thompson—Fantastic Lincoln: If This Be Doomsday

Amy Brt—Guerrilla Gardening


Ignite Lincoln 1

Thomas Casady—Police Force Technology

Jay Wilkinson—How Silicon Implants Made Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Billionaires

Jason Johnson—Concerning Wealth & Travel

Dustin Ferguson—Making Movies In Nebraska

Deb Averett—Building a Community

Mark Kornbluh—Glassblowing

Kat Shiffler—U.S. Social Forum & Nebraska’s Agrarian Social Movement History

Ali Schwanke—You Just Might Be Connected to Brad Pitt

Justin McDowell—Borrowing Shoes (Couch Surfing)

Marcus Tegtmeier—How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Nate Lowry—Skydiving Over Lincoln

Nick Ebert—The Humble Chef

Jason McLaughlin—Lincoln or Bust

Andrea Davis—Foxfire Park: Room To Make

Lyle Schmidt—LincRail