So what’s Ignite all about?

In a word: Passion.


In more words: Ideas and interests. Pursuits and philanthropy. Stories and hobbies.


Every year, Ignite Lincoln celebrates passion by giving 15 Lincolnites 5 minutes and 20 slides to talk about their

passion. We also celebrate our passion for community by giving away the event’s proceeds to a local nonprofit. 


With skilled and novice speakers presenting on every topic imaginable* and a deserving nonprofit receiving a donation

that the audience helped make happen, it's impossible to leave the event without feeling a spark of inspiration. 


*To name a few: Pastries, dirty haikus, landscaping, home brewing, pinballs and RVs—we meant it when we said "every topic". 

Tickets on sale now! 

Ignite Lincoln 7

August 27, 2015


The Ignite Lincoln 7 lineup is coming soon to a website near you. Want to steal this year's show? Apply to speak now! 



100% of the proceeds from Ignite ticket sales and sponsorships will be going to these five worthy nonprofits. The best part? You get to select the winner by voting live at the event. Bam! 



Thanks to the generosity of these wonderful organizations, Ignite Lincoln 7 is already poised for success. When you have a chance, please show them your appreciation. If you'd like to help support Ignite, please check out our sponsorship form

Ignite Lincoln
1201 Infinity Court
Lincoln, NE 68512
Phone 402.437.0112