So what’s Ignite all about?

In a word: Passion.


In more words: Ideas and interests. Pursuits and philanthropy. Stories and hobbies.


Every year, Ignite Lincoln celebrates passion by giving 15 Lincolnites 5 minutes and 20 slides to talk about their

passion. We also celebrate our passion for community by giving away the event’s proceeds to five local nonprofits.


With skilled and novice speakers presenting on every topic imaginable* and deserving nonprofits receiving donations

that the audience helped make happen, it's impossible to leave the event without feeling a spark of inspiration. 


*To name a few: Pastries, dirty haikus, landscaping, home brewing, pinballs and RVs—we meant it when we said "every topic."

Ignite Lincoln 8

August 18, 2016

7:30–9:30 p.m.

Rococo Theatre


Doors open at 6:30. Ages: 18+ are welcome.

The Rococo Theatre has no elevators and accepts cash only.


Meet the 15 brave souls who wowed the crowd at Ignite 7.

  • Becky Boesen
    Becky Boesen

    Becky Boesen

    The ART of Being Human (or Why I Gave Up Band-aids)

    Why do we dodge discomfort? Why do we reach for a Band-aid and expect it to heal a wound that instead needs stitches? Why is it so hard to human? (Yep, used it like a verb.) Wait, guys...WHAT IF ALL THE ANSWERS LIE WITHIN THE ARTS?! I believe they do. And in five minutes or less I'll utilize the arts as a way of embracing our collective awkward as we take action towards a better world!

  • Bob Rauner
    Bob Rauner

    Bob Rauner

    Lincoln Fit by 2020

    If we can continue our efforts to improve fitness and reduce obesity rates in Lincoln Public Schools, we'll make our community healthier and smarter because fit kids do better academically. We'll also save millions of dollars on health care spending we could put to better use like funding schools or early childcare.

  • Jamie Porter
    Jamie Porter

    Jamie Porter

    Rewriting the Sexual Script

    An examination of how our current sexual script and culture prevents consent from being an integral part of sexual activity and how we can change it.

  • Charlie Stephan
    Charlie Stephan

    Charlie Stephan

    30 is the New 40

    One day I woke up and I was a dad. Not biologically, mind you. Just in terms of the things I realized I liked (New Balance shoes!) and the choices I made (donating to NPR!). This is the story of how it happened. It’s a cautionary tale of a 30-something man who feels very much like a 40-something. Which is fine, because 30 is the new 40.

  • Cheryl Hansen
    Cheryl Hansen

    Cheryl Hansen

    Nothing But Net

    Nothing But Net is the story of using online dating at age 50. After several matches, I met my future husband who lived only 5 minutes from my house and attended the same church. I was a friend of his wife (who died of cancer) and had never met him.

  • Lanny Fuller
    Lanny Fuller

    Lanny Fuller

    How to be the Life of a Party: It's Not What You Think

    What kind of parties do you attend? Dinners? Double dates? Fundraisers? Networking? Friday Afternoon Clubs? Everyone goes to parties. And parties are hard. There's etiquette to be followed. Conversations with strangers. And alcohol. A recipe for failure. But everyone also knows that one person who never fails. The person who is always likable, interesting, and memorable. Learn the three things that these people are doing, as I present.

  • Dan Clanton

    Dan Clanton

    Why You Should Listen to Jazz

    This presentation will focus on America's great indigenous art form: Jazz. We'll begin with a brief description of the building blocks of jazz, and then discuss the aesthetic, historical, and practical benefits of listening to jazz. The presentation will conclude by mentioning opportunities in Lincoln to experience live jazz.

  • Jana Schneider
    Jana Schneider

    Jana Schneider

    5 Stages of Grief: The Monologue of a First-Time Marathon Runner

    Some people were born to run. I was not one of them. Speaking from personal experience, I’ll share a humorous look at the trials and triumphs of running a half marathon for the first time.

  • Christopher Kingsley
    Christopher Kingsley

    Christopher Kingsley

    Meta Memory and Our Romanticized Past

    How do we judge the quality of our personal and collective memories? How does our meta memory affect our identity and the collective social identity of our communities?

  • Aaron Bowen
    Aaron Bowen

    Aaron Bowen

    Illustrating the Parallels of Fatherhood and Community Leadership

    Using original illustrations by a Nebraska artist as visual aids, I will discuss the joys and challenges of the thing in life I am most proud of: being a dad. My presentation will cover the many—and often comical—lessons I am learning as a dad, and how the interaction of fatherhood and my profession inspires me to do my best work for those in our community who live in poverty.

  • Cassidy Vineyard Pflanz
    Cassidy Vineyard Pflanz

    Cassidy Vineyard Pflanz

    Confessions of a Spin Addict

    Since 2012, I have been addicted to “spinning” (aka indoor cycling). Teaching spin is one of my main purposes in life. There is something magical about the bike, the beat of the music and sweat!

  • Jill Cockson
    Jill Cockson

    Jill Cockson

    The Post-Walmart Small Business Renaissance

    My presentation will be a five minute pep talk on the increasing opportunity for entrepreneurship based on the Baby Boomers exiting the consumer market and the way Gen Xers and Millennials think about and consume products and services. The economy is changing drivers, and there is incredible demand for business models that acknowledge and respond to progressive, consumer habits.

  • Bob Ryan
    Bob Ryan

    Bob Ryan

    Band-aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes

    In light of the recent Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, I’ll be telling the story of a father’s love for his daughter.

  • Kevin Mandigo
    Kevin Mandigo

    Kevin Mandigo

    Getting Fired Sucks in the Best Possible Way

    Getting fired from a job is always a life changing event. I’ll talk about how my life changed when I got fired, and how my outlook on failure changed as well.

  • Dylan Rohde
    Dylan Rohde

    Dylan Rohde

    Improv Teaches Conversation

    Social media is tearing us away from real conversations. We're focusing on ourselves and forgetting how to listen to others and be in the moment.


100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships went to these five worthy nonprofits. The best part? You selected the winner by voting live at the event. Bam! 



Thanks to the generosity of these wonderful organizations, Ignite Lincoln 7 was a huge success. When you have a chance, please show them your appreciation. If you'd like to help support Ignite, please check out our sponsorship form

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