15 amazing speakers

$13,000 to five nonprofits


If you were there, you saw 15 amazing Lincolnites take the stage to share their stories, ideas, passions and pursuits.

100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships ($13,000 total) went to five very deserving nonprofits.


$6,000 to Clinic With A Heart

$4,000 to Center for People in Need

$1,500 to YMCA of Lincoln

$1,000 to Lincoln Literacy

$500 to LUX Center for the Arts

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Ignite Lincoln 7

August 27, 2015


Here are the 15 rock stars who entertained, educated and delighted our audience. Wanna see them perform (again)? Check back soon for videos of their talks.

  • Deb Payne

    Deb Payne

    Business Directions by Deb

    Life is Right. Right Here. Right Now.

    What if you could get involved in the reinvention occurring in our thriving city and be inspired to ignite change?

  • Angela Garbacz

    Angela Garbacz

    Goldenrod Pastries

    Lincoln Love, One Pastry At A Time

    When was the last time you committed a Random Act of Pastry?

  • Duane Hoffbauer

    Duane Hoffbauer

    Top Garage TV

    To B Yourself, You Must First C Yourself

    Three strategies for expanding your identity and impact.

  • Kat Baum

    Kat Baum

    Fun and Fit, Inc.

    How Lincoln Ignites ME

    There is no need to move to big cities to find opportunities. Opportunities to discover your passion are right here in Lincoln.

  • Jennafer Glaesemann, D.V.M.

    Jennafer Glaesemann, D.V.M.

    Blue Valley Veterinary Clinic, Pickrell Veterinary Clinic, Young Veterinary Owners

    What Elephant?

    Several panel discussions at numerous veterinary conferences and multiple recent publications highlight the profession's "elephant in the room", which is the rapidly rising debt-to-income ratio of recent veterinary graduates coupled with widespread underemployment; for all this talk, solutions are scarce. However, early career veterinary practice ownership is an exploration-worthy solution.

  • Greta Leach

    Greta Leach

    Where to Poop Outside and Other Frequently Asked Questions

    Greta Leach answers the frequently asked questions about her recent thru-hike of the Colorado Trail, a nearly 500-mile trail from Denver to Durango.

  • Michaella Kumke

    Michaella Kumke

    Lincoln Children's Museum

    Grow Up and Play

    Responsible adults not only find time to play, they make time to pursue their curiosities.

  • Jennifer Carmer-Hall

    Jennifer Carmer-Hall


    The Question

    A humorous and inspiring look at what it's like to live life one-handed.

  • Nanette Gingery Lankas

    Nanette Gingery Lankas

    REHAB a musical journey / Summit Care and Wellness

    Just say YES!!

    When we’re willing to access our creative potential, we can shift from fear and doubt to saying yes to our dreams. In doing so, we can all offer something authentic and unique to those in our community and our world.

  • Carolyn Butler

    Carolyn Butler

    Nebraska Nests: Making Lincoln a City of Treehouses

    Hanging out in a treehouse helps you live longer.

  • Greg Keller

    Greg Keller

    Palestine, Israel and the Continuing Failure of the Mainstream U.S. Media

    During the most recent conflict between Israel and Palestine, the 24-hour mainstream U.S. media had a genuine opportunity to educate the American people about the reality of the situation and to give consumers of news the pertinent background that would allow them to reach an informed conclusion. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball. Again.

  • Andy Arbie

    Andy Arbie

    Independent Consultant

    Create a Healthier, Wealthier YOU Today

    How to be healthier, wealthier (and solve other life mysteries) in 5 minutes or less.

  • Preston Harris

    Preston Harris

    Men With Dreams Inc.

    Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

    Preston and Brandon McWilliams will show how Men With Dreams can create culture change by building the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Lisa Borchardt

    Lisa Borchardt

    Journey Through Living, LLC

    Scars are Stories. Share Yours!

    Scars create memories that can evoke joy or pain, inviting us to share the unique stories of our lives.

  • David James

    David James

    Regaining Focus

    Recapturing the focus for our goals in a society that is overridden by people with constant partial attention.


100% of the proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships ($13,000 total) went to five nonprofits with $6,000 going to Clinic With A Heart in celebration of Ignite Lincoln 6.

The best part? YOU selected the winner by texting your vote at the event. Bam!


Thanks to the generosity of these wonderful organizations, Ignite Lincoln 6 was our biggest success yet. When you have a chance, please show them your appreciation.